Submersible Surface Protector is widely used in Pump Industry for Submersible / Open well / Self Priming Pump-sets. It is used to protect inner surface of motor against Rust and Corrosion. In return it increases the working lifespan for Motor to greater extent.


  • Reduces Pump set's Chock-up problem, which mainly arises due to Rust/Corrosion with period oftime.
  • Allows Easy Startup even at low voltage.
  • Increase life of Thrust Bearing and Bushing. Thanks to extra lubrication properties.
  • Eco-friendly, Food Grade chemicals which is non-polluting in nature even in case of unfortunateleakages.
  • Brings down replacement rates of Pump set or its parts by 4-5%.
  • It increase overall efficiency by 1 to 5.25 %, Depended on dilution ratio.