We provide wide range of Water Pumps to suit any Cars, Tractors, Trucks and Earth Movers for various models of Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Tata, Bajaj, Honda, Skoda, Fiat, Opel, Renault, Nissan, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Mahindra, Hindustan Motors, Swaraj Mazda, Ashok leyland, Messy Ferguson & JCB

Autofield India is manufacturer al Synthetic Polymer based Radiator Coolant asper OEM Standard quality since 1990. Alter success and overwhelming response of long life Radiator Coolant. company introduce other quality product Autofield Brand WATER PUMP.

Experience of detailed engineering over the period of time to adopt the latest technologies, methods and facilities to develop quality Water Pump like: AutoCAD design & Drawing. Quality Control & Inspection Testing System Jevery level All this done through latest machines.looling, trained & skilled manpower along with good knowledge of casting, forging seals, bearing, power ceramic & rubber components of Water Pump.

Company constantly adopt the changing demands of customer and market with new design & an extensive product range of Wales Pump. For that we have taken significant steps to strengthen our rescarch and developmenl department for changing in technical level and also we focussed to satisfy customer's need, in short we are highly motivated, committed and aimed to serve you the best

Inspection & laboratory...

Water Pump is an essencial product for the cooling system so it has been manufacturing as per our all critical measuring instruments for inspection of components, Hardness Tester, Surface Plate Between Centre, Mechanical Comparator Scand Spring Load Tester Digital Tachometer. Digital Height Gauge, Crack Detector. Air Testing Unit, Microscope for Micro Structure of material & Various other testing facility. We do follow various std & parameters for our pump components


Testing in temp. as high as 100°C discharging 40 to 200 Liimin of flow with 8 to 15 PSI pressure & 4000 RPM of any Water Pump for leakage. We do endurance test with uttermost precision to check the life of moving component & wear out of pumps with different parameters

Moving parts of Water Pump assembly as pulley and impeller are dynamically balanced to avoid uneven load on bearing and seal assembly during running as per 1 1940 Std. according to pump object weight & RPM of pumps to Fomove unbalance mass of object.

Hardness Testing

Essential & Imporlant Parts..

The right quality seal used with high alumina ceremic seal face or unitized Seal, Spindle Bearing. Cylindrical Ball & lapper Roller Bearing are of reputed company's used with correct design & as per bearing size tolerance Shafts are made from appropriate quality steel Heat treated and properly ground.

Important Parts

Assembly & Impellers.

Components are made of closed CI casting, brass or aluminum pressure die cast and passed through dilleren machining operations in house with proper jigs and fitures are used to ensure precision & are inspected as per the drawing specifications All Water Pump Components are assembled precisely considering diffrent pump dimensions. Impellers of correct design is important for cooling of engine and proper flow

assembly & Impellers


Other items like gasker, oil seals, grease cup & nul bolls ecl are ol genuine quality to avoid premature lailure of any small components

Moving parts of Water Pump assemblies ds pulky & Impellers are dynamically balanced to avoid uneven load on bearing & Sealdurina running

Water Pump assemblies are easted by hydraulic pressure for leakage Out product have assured oral interchangeability within existing applications


Catalogue of Waterpump